About Us

Our goal is to provide the most convenient, affordable, easy, and pleasant bike repair experience possible. Our goal is to turn you into a loyal customer and crusader for our service!
We’re lifelong cycling enthusiasts (road and mountain) with over 30 years of cumulative bike shop experience in the San Diego area.

Here’s how our service works- call us anytime at 858 945 BIKE (2453) to schedule an appointment. We’ll come to your home or place of work, and perform the desired work. If we can’t perform the work then and there, we’ll take the bike to our shop and redeliver it, free of any extra charge for those in the greater San Diego area.

Our Services
Our service is absolutely superior to any bike shop in San Diego County. Why?

Our Way

The owner of the business works on your bike.

We drive to you (we pay gas to get there), and work around your schedule.

Your bike never leaves your residence.

We don't have a building or employees, so we're WAY cheaper.

Their Way

The owner of the business hands your bike off to an underpaid (and often disgruntled) employee.

You make two trips (one to drop off, one to pick up), and may wait up to a week.

Your bike has to share space with a whole shop full of bikes. Sometimes employees aren't as careful with your bike as you would like.

You have to pay for the rent of the building, the employees, and for the owner.

We service the metro San Diego area.

We also have an online retail store with lots of cycling-related items. You can find us on

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