When it comes to bicycle repair, we believe we've found a better way - one that's easier, more convenient, and less costly to you- the rider! If you take your bike to a shop, you have to put the bike in your car, drive to the shop during their business hours, and turn your precious ride over to the hands of an hourly employee, wait a few days, and go pick it back up, and pay the shop - pay for their employees, pay for their commercial space, and pay for their knowledge and expertise- and it can get pretty expensive!
We do things differently. We come to YOU. We work around YOUR schedule. We (the owners) do the work OURSELVES. With our service there's no waiting, no interrupting your training, no putting your bike in or on the car, and we perform the work more economically, since we don't support a building.
Call us (858) 945 BIKE [2453] - you'll be glad you did!