Top 10 Reasons to Use Us

1. We're fast, cheap, and easy. We save you gas and time by coming to you!
2. We don't support a building, so we're cheaper than all bike shops. Don't believe us? Go ahead and make some calls!
3. You'll never have to put a dirty bike in your car again!
4. We don't make you wait. Some shops want a week before they can get to your bike. Most days we can do same-day service.
5. We work around YOUR schedule, and come when it's convenient for you.
6. The owner of the business is the same person that will work on your bike - nothing gets passed off to an hourly employee. 7. We've earned a 99%+ positive feedback rating for our retail customers on ebay.
8. We're environmentally friendly, and only use citrus-based degreasers. We also try to recycle bike parts as much as possible.
9. Over 15 years experience in bike shops - including Clairemont Bikes, European Bicycles, Bike USA, Performance Bike, San Diego Cyclery, and others.
10. We won't ding your bike, or your wallet!